The Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (Wiser) is the response to University of Witwatersrand's need for cutting-edge, world-class research on the challenges of social and economic transformation.

WISER's key objectives are:

  •       to establish an institute designed to produce social and economic research of quality and relevance
  •       to position Wits at the forefront of social and economic inquiry on the continent;
  •       to create a hub of intellectual exchange and collaboration; 
  •       to sponsor and promote doctoral study, in ways which contribute to the production of the next generation of scholars;
  •       to disseminate research findings in ways which inform critical local and international debates. 

The establishment of WISER will protect the space for independent, critical inquiry into the complexities of change in South Africa, while drawing upon comparative research from the rest of Africa and elsewhere in the world, and foregrounding the wider historical and theoretical significance of this research agenda.