Being an internationally recognised South African teaching and research intensive university, is central to the University of Pretoria’s new strategic plan.

Since its humble beginnings in 1908, the University has gone a long way to achieving this goal and is currently considered to be one of the leading institutions of higher education in the country. 

To further strengthen its position as a premier research institution and to ensure future success, the UP has developed a research agenda based on four principles: 

  • Research will make a positive contribution to local, national and international needs aligned with the National R&D strategy as well as International trends;
  • Research will be based on the proven capacity that exists within the University and will be built on work of excellent researchers and research leaders;
  • Research themes will not only be defined on short-term needs, but also be visionary in that they will identify areas of future potential that will require the University to build competencies in order to remain a premier research institution; and
  • The University research agenda should also take cognisance of unique competencies that exist within the University.

The Department of Research Support plays an integral role in the practical implementation of the University’s research agenda. The department has as its core function the provision of a range of support services aimed at promoting research development through the support of the individuals who carry it out. 

The Department of Research and Development Support comprises two divisions, namely Research Support and Contracts and Intellectual Property . These divisions are responsible for the promotion of the full innovation value chain. Their responsibilities can be divided as follows:

  • Research Support
    • Information on external competitive funding opportunities;
    • Management of research grants;
    • Management of internal University research support programmes, including:
      • Research Development Programme for novice researchers
      • UP post-doctoral Programme
      • Information sessions for specific funding opportunities
      • Training Workshops including proposal writing
      • Research Report
    • Database of research information at UP (RIS);
    • Personal evaluation and ratings of researchers by the National Research Foundation;
    • Research capacity building initiatives; and
    • Department of Education research subsidy claim
  • Contracts and Intellectual Property Office
    • Research Contracting
      • Contracts Management
      • Patent filing
      • Commercialisation Agreement
      • Negotiations
      • Budget and Finance
      • Contracts co-ordination Intellectual Property
    • Innovation Promotion
      • Invention disclosures
      • Patent filing
      • Commercialisation
      • Agreements