Sadeq Institute is a non-profit, non-governmental think tank based in Libya that provides analysis and understanding of strategic Libyan issues and challenges by cultivating a culture of public discourse and plurality of thought. It is the world’s first research institute specializing in Libyan affairs.

Research & Publications
Research, policy articles and editorials that are published periodically on our site, are central to Sadeq Institute’s activities. By providing and distributing independent analysis and research results, we aim to be a leading source of innovative solutions to key national challenges.

Our current research coverage is centered around six areas:

• Economics
• Health
• Law
• Governance
• Security
• Education

Since its inception, Sadeq Institute has participated in prestigious international events and conferences. Following its official launch in April 2012 in Tripoli, Sadeq Institute will begin hosting debates and conferences with expert speakers from around the world.


To be an authoritative voice worldwide in delivering comprehensive policy solutions on issues concerning good governance, security, financial and economic policy, and public health, and to promote a culture of exemplary research, public discourse and intellectual discovery.


As an independent and non-partisan think tank, the Sadeq Institute’s mission is to foster a culture of informed citizenship in Libya by providing a forum for the whole of Libyan society to participate in policy-making. By consulting and engaging with the Libyan public, and by conducting rigorous research, we deliver evidence-based policy solutions that aim to represent the diverse needs of Libyan citizens while holding public officials accountable for their actions.