MARKET AND SOCIAL INSIGHT started activities in 2008 as a fieldwork subcontractor. We have 2 offices in Antananarivo and Toamasina. We also work on Mauritius and Mayotte. We have experience in quail/quanti studies and a great capacity with a team of 40 employees benefit from ongoing training. 

Our quality of fieldwork use ICC / ESOMAR standard and based on a good questionnaire & translation, a pretest & training teams, a fieldwork based on 1 supervisor / 4 interviewers and a double entry with corrections (0.0% fault input). 

We are aware of cultural differences and we can make recommendations on the most suitable and cost effective sample type, size and methodological approach. 

We offer : 
* Consumer research (U&A, segmentation, market potential, demand estimation, customer satisfaction, image & perception) 
* Brand, product and service research (brand positioning, brand image, product packaging and testing services, pricing research - turf, PSM, trade-off) 
* Media and advertising research (audience, ad campaign pre-testing, efficiency of advertising,) 
* Retail research (retail census, store checks, mystery shopping) 
* Social research (baseline, KAP, monitoring and evaluation) 

Targets and sectors are: 
- B2C and B2B (FMCG, telecom, financial services, durable goods, energy, automotive, construction materials, retail business), 
- SOCIAL (Water and sanitation, health, microfinance, agricultural and livestock, mining, gender, vulnerability, violence and prison, ...) 



Full Service Agency
Founded in: 2008
Employees: 40
Interviewers: 30
Turnover: 155.000 USD

Lot II Y 53 FK Andobolobe - Ampahibe - Bp 3652
101 Antananarivo
Phone: +261320510918