The Schema Therapy Institute of South Africa (STISA) is directed by David Edwards who is certified as a schema therapist and trainer by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST). STISA disseminates schema therapy within South Africa as well as internationally.

Founded by David Edwards, the Schema Therapy Institute of South Africa offers training and workshops in various forms including a therapist certification program approved by the ISST.

David Edwards also provides clinical services including psychotherapy based on the schema therapy model, and other shorter term therapies. He works with adults, adolescents, individuals or couples or families. He also undertakes psycholegal assessments.

Schema Therapy is an approach to the treatment of psychological problems that do not usually respond to brief therapy. Jeffrey Young has been developing schema therapy for over 25 years in the USA where it is widely used.

Schema therapy is also widely practiced in Europe and there is a comprehensive training program for psychotherapists in the Netherlands. The use of schema therapy in Holland was promoted by research on the treatment of borderline personality disorder, a condition that has been found to be very difficult to treat. Two randomized controlled trials demonstrated that schema therapy is an effective treatment borderline personality disorder (Giesen-Bloo et al., 2006) and research is ongoing in extending the schema therapy model to a wide range of psychological problems. The Dutch group have not only developed a high level of expertise in schema therapy but have also contributed to research and training. Recent publications have contributed to our understanding of the process of rescripting childhood memories (Arntz & Weertman, 1999; Weertman & Arntz, 2007) and of work with schema modes (Bernstein et al., 2007; Lobbestael et al., 2007 & 2008).