Set in the beautiful northern region of cosmopolitan island of Mauritius, Les Mariannes Clinic offers a world class service to help restore balance. The clinic offers the luxury of a hotel underpinned by professional care.

The clinic’s simple, elegant beauty is enhanced by the stunning natural environment. Breath taking views are available overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean on three sides;  the east, north and western flanks of the island below. The tranquil setting is surrounded by green fields of sugar cane and pineapples with a mountainous backdrop and an adjacent river with mature olive, mango and lychee trees. The tranquil atmosphere is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a sense of nature, peace and relaxation whilst they recover.

To ensure privacy and safety, the facility has a 24 hour guard and monitoring service.

The facility includes:

  • Comfortable en-suite bedrooms with staff call system.
  • Daily housekeeping service.
  • Daily laundry service.
  • Luxurious lounges.
  • Individually prepared meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  • Refreshments available on request- 24 hours.
  • Accompanied outings to places of interest.
  • Access to secure storage.
  • Access to internet and telecommunication facilities

Recovery in a clinic with the best facilities and staff will be a lasting profound experience.

Ideally we all wish for our life to provide us with opportunities for living one’ dreams and achieve one’s  fullest potential, in good health and among people we cherish and love.

However when things get out of control, life can be very hard on us-ill health, difficulties, misfortunes, events that happen “out of the blue” – and we face stressful situations in our relationship, in our job and in our finances. Trying to cope on our own becomes a  struggle and very quickly we look for “props” to help us- be it drugs, alcohol, cigarette- all factors that will damage our health and will become difficult to get rid of.

When all is getting out of control  around you-then you need to escape to a healing sanctuary, to rest and heal and let the wounds heal.

This is exactly what we provide at Les Mariannes in Mauritius- a healing sanctuary  for broken souls, where we provide you with privacy, comfort in  a luxury resort type center.To speed up your recovery  we have put together an international team of first class therapists, doctors and psychologists who will combine  the best of evidence based  recovery techniques blended with a fitness program for body and mind based on proven age old oriental therapies. So we offer you a tailor made program using the best of 12 step  program, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, together with a choice of Yoga, Tai chi, meditation exercises, and active fitness training in our modern gymnasium.

Our Clinic is situated in a beautifully secluded part of the island , surrounded by lush vegetation and pineapple fields, a valley in front of us and a mountain range behind  us, views to north of the Indian ocean  with magnificent views of the rising and setting sun. The peacefulness of the surroundings , disturbed only the the songs of myriad colourful birds, make this a dream spot.

When you sit in meditation early morning or at sunset, and you soak in the vibrations of the place, then you will feel the magnificence of the  other dimension that we bring to your therapy-  Spirituality, and its unlimited potential to heal you. Once you experience this connection, then all healing becomes easy and you will find your true self.  And walk out of Les Mariannes a new person with a  fresh Soul.