The Mental Health Foundation of Ghana (MHFG) is committed to:

  • Individual and collective empowerment of people with a mental illness;
  • Participation and choice in all decisions which affect the life of the individual;
  • Individuals directing their own recovery;
  • The promotion and protection of the civil and human rights of people with mental illness;
  • Promoting a better quality of life for people with mental illness;
  • Service providers and the broader community valuing and respecting the individual’s experience;
  • Supportive, democratic and safe working environments for all staff and volunteers which are conducive to free, open discussion and exchange, of ideas as well as on-going professional development.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a society in which mental illness will be understood and accepted. Resources will be available to offer early interventions, treatment and support. People with mental illness will no longer experience stigma, and society will treat them with the same respect and dignity as is provided to any other person.

Our Values ….H-O-P-E


Honesty is an integral component of all our dealings with all people and organisations involved with us. We will be truthful, transparent and genuine. There will be appropriate use of our resources to support our vision, and this will be accurately documented and recorded.


We will work with people and organisations to find opportunities, solutions and strategies to address the difficulties faced by people with a mental illness. We trust that people can be well and must not be defined by their symptoms, and we work to support that belief. We promote hope and optimism and encourage healthy coping strategies that enhance the skills of people with mental illness.


Participation means that we endorse the philosophy of choice and inclusiveness for people with mental illness, their families and their friends in achieving their hopes and goals. We support treatment partnerships that are interactive and based on non-judgmental attitudes. It also means that we encourage active membership of our organisation to strengthen the mental health voice and to influence mental health development and policy.


Equity means that we work to ensure mental health services are accessible and that people  receive their entitlements within a humane and understanding service system. It also means that all people with mental illness, regardless of cultural background, religion or social-economic status, and their families and friends have the same right to respectful and dignified treatment as any other person.

Our Aims

  • To promote a positive attitude about mental health in Ghana
  • To work with local organisations to reduce of stigma associated with mental illness
  • To collaborate with the government of Ghana to improve mental health services and increase funding
  • To make recommendations regarding policy, implementation and service
  • To encourage/initiate mental health research
  • To improve standards in training/practice for mental health professionals
  • To stimulate the development of informed public debate and opinion about mental health issues