Doctors of the World (DOW) is an international humanitarian aid organisation that recruits medical and non-medical volunteers, who provide healthcare for vulnerable populations around the world.

In addition to medical care, our volunteers "bear witness" to any obstacles to health care or human rights abuses that they see. This gives a voice to vulnerable people whose stories may not otherwise be heard.  Our projects take place in both developed, as well as developing, countries.  

Our long-term objective is to make health a human right

Our work falls into three categories:

  • Emergency: responding to humanitarian crises, natural disasters and wars/ conflict situations.
  • Post-emergency and rehabilitation: helping local people to restore their health care system in the aftermath of emergencies by reconstructing clinics and hospitals, providing medical supplies and training local healthcare workers. Our projects also help with the physical and psychological recovery of people effected by disasters.
  • Long-term development: these projects aim to bring lasting and sustainable solutions by tackling the long-term effects of poverty and exclusion from healthcare. This involves supporting local health systems with prevention techniques, promoting health education and training local healthcare workers re: transferable skills. 

DOW a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which means that we operate independently, responding to genuine needs and not political motivations.