Handicap International is an independent international solidarity organisation which works in situations of poverty or exclusion, conflict and natural disasters.
Working alongside people with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations, the association takes action and speaks out in order to meet their essential needs and improve their living conditions. Handicap International is committed to campaigning to ensure their dignity is preserved and their fundamental rights upheld.

Since its creation, this international solidarity organisation has set up development programmes in over 60 countries and works in various emergency contexts. The network of 8 national associations (Germany, Belgium, Canada, France, Luxemburg, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America) works relentlessly to mobilise resources, co-manage projects and promote the organisation's principles and actions. Getting a child, man or woman back on their feet in a difficult environment, aggravated by poverty, exile or famine, is simply a question of giving them the resources they need to find their own way out.

Having provided support for the most vulnerable since 1982 Handicap International works and campaigns in over 60 countries in order to restore their dignity and give them back a role in the community.  Emergency interventions, development missions.

In emergency contexts, and situations of conflicts or natural disasters, Handicap International provides relief and assistance to vulnerable populations, people with disabilities, displaced persons or refugees. We carry out development work in the field promoting health, prevention, social and economic inclusion (access to education, professional training, employment, sport, culture and leisure activities). Handicap International also supports local disabled people's organisations.

In 2009, the organisation works in over 60 countries on 268 projects.