In 1938 "The Marriage Guidance Council" came into existence in London, one of the founder members being Dr David Mace. In October 1954 the South African National Council for Marriage Guidance and Counselling was established following a conference, the main theme being family problems and disintegration. Dr Mace and his wife, Vera, were invited to preside at this conference.

The family is the nucleus of society, and when it weakens or crumbles the stability of the entire community is adversely affected. It is thus imperative to initiate and co-ordinate resources to maintain a healthy and happy marriage and family life. "FAMSA - FAMILY AND MARRIAGE SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA" was established as a result of this need.

Social Workers with specialised training are employed to assist the community. Manpower is augmented by recruiting volunteers from the community, and FAMSA provides a high standard of selection and training for these volunteers.

Presently FAMSA is registered in terms of the Non-profit Organisations Act. Twenty six FAMSA Affiliates function nationwide and are affiliated to the National Council (see "Contact Us" page for detailed listing).