Africa Health Placements (AHP) is a human resources solutions and services organisation whose work has been changing the face of public health in southern Africa, creating completely new outcomes for healthcare facilities that might otherwise be defunct by now. We define ourselves as “social profit” because our work, while mostly donor-funded, delivers profit in terms of improved healthcare and social indicators. In addition, we value results and our organisational culture is strictly focused on delivery.

With 20% of the world’s population, sub-Saharan Africa languishes with only 2% of the world’s physicians. Attracting and retaining health workers and competent management is critical to solving the massive public health issues in this region. AHP aims to enhance the healthcare delivery system in Africa through the provision of human resource solutions and services. Recognising the value of relationships, we conduct our work through people networks that allow us to mobilise resources within Africa and across the world.

Africa’s greatest obstacle in the public and particularly rural healthcare environment is a lack of qualified healthcare professionals. Our aim is to fill the gaps, and ultimately to help people view the public sector in a new light - as truly viable and exciting career options.

We work with a network of partners, including governments, the private sector and civil society in order to make this happen, using a model that we like to call “social profit”. The bulk of our services are donor funded and delivered free of charge, but we are also partially self-sustaining through a professional locum placement service. We operate in a businesslike manner, focused on service delivery and effective marketing communications.

For a ‘behind the scenes’ of what we do on a daily basis – have a look at our staff blog:

Previously a joint venture of The Rural Health Initiative and The Foundation for Professional Development, AHP has since become its own legal entity. As of the 1st of April 2012, Africa Health Placements NPC was launched. This newly found independence ensures the improvement of our governance structure through a board with legal and fiduciary responsibility that also represents executive management. Likewise, the new AHP will provide a vessel into which we can directly raise funds, set up policies, systems, processes that are specific to the operational and strategic direction of the company, as well as allow the organisation to further develop its own distinct and renowned culture. Furthermore, this move fulfils an obligation to The Atlantic Philanthropies, one of AHP’s largest donors, to set up an independent entity.