The Benedict Menni Foundation is a cooperation for development organisation the purpose of which is to implement cooperation, development and humanitarian aid activities in the national and international arena, with a particular focus on the most underprivileged people groups and countries.

Continuing wit their commitment to the most vulnerable, such as Africa’s mentally ill, San Benito Menni” Mental Health Centre in Bata (Equatorial Guinea).

Foundation Activities

  • Social-healthcare. Activities designed to implement initiatives for social, healthcare and economic transformation as part of the projects of our local counterparts: Cooperation for Development and Sponsorship Projects.
  • Training. Human, cultural and professional training activities designed to improve people’s capacities and skills and make them the protagonists of their own development.
  • Awareness. The right of all men to development entails actions to educate and build awareness aimed at heightening society’s understanding of the problems faced by less developed countries and increase its commitment to solidarity with them. We use a number of different tools in this task.
  • Solidarity seminar (past). Presentation of the documentary Paths of Dignity (Senderos de Dignidad). On 12 June 2010, at 10.30 a.m., the Benedict Menni Foundation held a solidarity seminar at Pamplona’s Casa de la Juventud, with the presentation of the documentary Paths of Dignity (made in collaboration with Humania TV-Comunicación para el desarrollo), which reflects the situation of the mentally ill in Africa.
  • Volunteers. An initiative to promote international volunteering, which equips volunteers with the skills they will need to participate in social-healthcare, training and awareness projects in developing countries.