The Journal of Psychology in Africa is a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Working Group for African Psychology and the Africa Scholarship Development Enterprise (based at the Pennsylvania State University).  The objective of the journal is to provide a publication source for psychological research in Africa.  Submissions may include original articles (theory or research), book reviews, commentaries, special issues, cases analyses, reports, and announcements.

Findings from psychological research in Africa and related regions need a forum for better dissemination and utilisation in the context of development. Special emphasis is placed on the consideration of African, African-American, Asian, Caribbean, and Hispanic-Latino realities and problems. Contributions should attempt a synthesis of emic and etic methodologies and applications. The Journal of Psychology in Africa includes original articles, review articles, book reviews, commentaries, special issues, case analyses, reports and announcements.

Publisher Details

Please note: This journal is no longer published within Africa. Please contact the new publisher - Elliot & Fitzpatrick (USA) for further information:

Editor: Elias Mpofu
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