The South African Neurodevelopmental Association Therapy (SANDTA) is a voluntary association of therapists who have a special interest in Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT). SANDTA offers training in the NDT/Bobath approach to all allied health professionals with special interest in paediatric and adult neurological conditions. Through post-graduate training courses in the NDT/Bobath approach along with regional workshops, SANDTA offers opportunities for continued professional development. Furthermore, SANDTA supports community outreach in order to support caregivers and family members through community projects and caregiver training. SANDTA is an associate member of EBTA, the European Bobath Tutors Association.

Neurodevelopmental Therapy is a treatment approach used for the assessment and management of children and adults who have motor and sensory problems as a result of cerebral palsy or any other trauma to the brain.

  • “Neuro” meaning brain and nerves.
  • “Developmental” emphasizes the importance of understanding normal components of movement and other areas of function.
  • “Therapy” is a management approach for treating individuals with central nervous system damage.

In NDT/Bobath treatment, the therapist addresses the disturbance in postural tone and movement patterns. Through a variety of therapeutic techniques and the facilitation of normal movement, more normal sensory-motor experiences become possible and improved postural control and function are gained. Improvement in everyday activities, such as sitting, walking, feeding, dressing and writing is the primary aim of the treatment.