The Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) is the nationally representative professional body for psychology. Recognised internationally, PsySSA is committed to the transformation and development of South African Psychology to serve the needs and interests of all South Africa’s people. PsySSA advances psychology as a science, profession and as a means of promoting human well-being. PsySSA ensures quality of psychological services, safeguards ethical standards, builds professional relationships in South Africa and abroad, promotes collective bargaining for better remuneration, new work opportunities and conditions of service for psychologists, and provides numerous benefits to its members.


To advance South African Psychology as a science and profession of global stature and promote psychological praxis as relevant, proactive and responsive to societal needs and well being 


Actively representing and promoting the interests of members and developing Psychology nationally and internationally as a means of enhancing human well-being. 

Core Values 

EXCELLENCE: We maintain and encourage the highest standards of professional and scientific competence to ensure national and international best-practice. 

INTEGRITY: We act with integrity, communicate respectfully and accept responsibility for our words and actions and we require ethical, professional behavior by all persons associated with PsySSA. 

PEOPLE-CENTREDNESS: We care about the interests and needs of our members, strive to empower and build the capacity of our members to realize their full potential, and we support lifelong learning. 

HUMAN RIGHTS ORIENTATED: We commit to a Human Rights culture informed by the Universal declaration of Human Rights aligned to the Bill of Rights. We strive to ensure that our Members, Council, the Executive and staff are treated with dignity, equity and fairness. 

SOCIAL RELEVANCE: We encourage a multiplicity of opinions and seek way to incorporate the voices and experiences of all communities and avenues of psychology. 

DEMOCRATIC, TRANSPARENT & ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNANCE: We conduct our activities in a democratic, accountable and transparent manner; we strive for efficiency and effectiveness in the management of PsySSA.