The Hospital Association of South Africa (‘HASA’) is an industry association which represents the collective interests of the majority of private hospital groups and independently-owned private hospitals in the Republic of South Africa.

Currently, HASA represents approximately 31 097 beds and more than 90% of the private hospital industry in South Africa. It is a key role-player in South Africa's healthcare environment.

Governed by a Board of Directors and under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, Adv. K. Worrall-Clare, HASA functions as the official mouthpiece of South Africa’s private hospital industry.

In particular the Association exists to

  • Promote the development of an economic and social system, based on the principles of equal opportunity, justice, free market economy and individual entrepreneurship;
  • On behalf of the private hospital industry, comment on proposed legislation and initiate constructive debate around any such issues;
  • Act as an industry representative to commissions, committees or other institutions;
  • Forge affiliations with international private hospital bodies;
  • Function as an industry communications hub and notify members on national and international affairs which may have ramifications for South Africa’s healthcare sector;
  • Investigate complaints and mediate patient or member disputes; and
  • Market the industry and its competence to the public.

Subsequent to its formation in the late 1940’s, South Africa’s private hospital industry has grown by leaps and bounds and is today an integral player in the general and healthcare economies of the country.