Mental Health Professionals' Association of Libya (MH PAL) was established during the recent war of liberation in Libya and it represents an effort to bring together mental health professionals of Libyan background under one virtual roof. The hope is that these professionals will use the organization as a means through which to share ideas and expertise on all aspects, mental health and well-being relevant to Libya, both at home and abroad.

Therefore MH PAL’s general aims are:

• To serve as a forum for Libyan professionals in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, counseling, social work, and other mental health related disciplines.
• To assist in the establishment of professional standards of conduct and codes of practice.
• To support mental health professionals in their efforts to take up their rightful place in re-building Libya, and to offer their professional services to all Libyans who need them.
• To serve as a consulting body for Government authorities responsible for mental health professionals and services.
• To advocate, whenever and wherever necessary, for Libyan mental health professionals; and to support the establishment of a discipline-specific professional organizations.
• To advocate for and support all Libyans who need mental health services.
• To promote the establishment of state-of-the-art mental health services, and educate the public on mental health related matters.
• To promote the study of the various mental health specialties among Libyan students and emerging professionals.
• To organize scientific conferences for professional development and the advancement of mental health professions and services.

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