Based in Seychelles, the University of Seychelles was established on the 17th September 2009. The University of Seychelles consist of approximately 175 students. Approximately 51 students are located on the main campus at Anse Royale and the rest are located at the second Campus School of Education, (former N.I.E) at Mont Fleuri.

In 2007 the President of the Republic of the Seychelles, James Michel, announced that the nation was ready to develop a university. The Seychelles University Foundation (SUF) was established the same year and given the task of taking the project forward. The SUF website contains a summary of the work that then followed, and which led to the opening of the university, projected for October 2009. Initially the university is offering a limited number of degree programmes in Business Administration and Computer Information systems as well as Foundation/Access programmes. At this time these courses are restricted to Seychellois students but, as the university expands and offers a larger number of programmes and places, students from overseas will be able to apply to study in the Seychelles.

You will know that at the end of a challenging degree programme the value of the qualification that a student is awarded is paramount. The University of Seychelles (UniSey) is a new university and, in common with many other institutions globally, is offering degree programmes through the University of London International Programme. This programme has been running successfully for more than 150 years. Many universities with international repute started by delivering the London International Programme prior to developing their own. Students enrolling at the University of Seychelles will receive course materials generated by the University of London International Programme Colleges. Essentially these programmes reflect the rigour and content of courses which run in London. There is no difference in status (or indeed appearance) between a degree parchment awarded to a student who studies in London and a student who studies in the Seychelles. Graduating students will receive a degree from the University of London and a degree from the University of Seychelles. The international currency of the first is established; the currency of the second will grow as the University of Seychelles expands as an internationally recognised centre for teaching and research. Following the initial course offerings in the fields of Business Administration and Computing Information Systems the University intends to add undergraduate programmes in Creative Computing, Education, Environmental Science and Tourism & Hospitality. Thereafter the University will develop programmes which are more Humanities and Arts based. Opportunities for research at Masters and Doctorate level will rapidly follow.