South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) is inspired by a vision of an empowered society, knitted by confident, self-aware individuals in healthy relationship with self, family and community. SACAP contributes significantly to the fulfilment of this vision by empowering our students to grow in themselves and to positively impact the lives of others. In this way SACAP plays a critical and positive role within South African communities and our society at large.

SACAP is at the forefront of higher education in Applied Psychology. Established in the Western Cape over 15 years ago, SACAP now has campuses in both Cape Town andJohannesburg and also caters for distance learners within and beyond our South African borders. All of our qualifications have a distinctive blend of robust theory and skills training for practical application in a variety of contexts and settings.

South African society is dislocated and traumatised across the socio-economic spectrum, with enormous untapped potential, at both an individual and a community level. Necessary healing and the unlocking of potential can only meaningfully take place through the intervention of knowledgeable, skilled and experienced counsellors, coaches and facilitators.

Trained practitioners bring positive individual and communal transformation. They are, however, in short supply relative to the enormous need.

SACAP is therefore dedicated to the training and development of such practitionersthrough the provision of leading, accredited, high quality educational programmes and qualifications.

SACAP’s educational philosophy places a heavy emphasis on the application of skills.Whilst our curriculum is founded on robust and established theory, it also always seeks to apply this theory in real world settings through skills training, case studies, role play and practical assignments. This is in contrast to the skills gap that exists in many educational models in the field of psychology.

Our supervised Fieldwork component ensures that our graduates gain the necessary practical experience while they study so that they graduate confident and work-ready. By partnering with over 100 fieldwork placement sites, SACAP’s programmes are enabling a meaningful and positive social impact in and of themselves.

Academically, our educators are acknowledged as leading professionals in their fields of expertise and students therefore gain from the wealth of experience and skill that our educators are able to bring to the teaching and learning environment.

Studying at SACAP is both an experience and a journey. Our interactive and intimate classroom environment ensures that personal growth and transformation is not only quantitative but also qualitative.