Middlesex University Mauritius Branch Campus is an integral part of Middlesex University. It is subject to the same rigorous quality assurance procedures that have earned Middlesex University in London the highest possible endorsement from UK's Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. The degree programmes offered at Middlesex University Mauritius Branch Campus are recognised the world over since they are validated and monitored to exactly the same standards as those offered at Middlesex's London and Dubai campuses. These stringent standards apply to both Undergraduate Honours and Masters degrees. The academics that will teach you at Middlesex University Mauritius Branch Campus have the same impressive qualifications as those who teach at our London campuses, and many have received their own academic awards at British universities. Our full time academic staff are complemented by our part-time staff who, in addition to being well qualified, are all industry practitioners.

The Psychology with Counseling Skills programme combines a broad education in psychology with a specialist strand to develop counselling and interpersonal skills together with an understanding of the theory and practice of counselling. It prepares students to take specialised postgraduate training to become qualified as a counsellor and or other psychology related careers. This psychology programme has a strong focus on practical investigation and gives an opportunity to undertake independent piece of research in final year.