The Huguenot College has its origins in three educational institutions which previously existed in Wellington, namely the Huguenot Seminary, the Huguenot University College and Friedenheim. The Huguenot Seminary was established in 1874 through the efforts of the well-known Dr Andrew Murray. The Huguenot University College developed from the Huguenot Seminary, and was a constituent college of the University of South Africa up to the end of 1950, when this University College had to close.

Friedenheim was established in 1904 and offered courses in missionary work, social work and Biblical instruction until the end of 1950. When the Huguenot University College had to close, successful negotiations were initiated by the Dutch Reformed Church for taking over its grounds, buildings and equipment. The Huguenot College was officially opened on 28 February 1951.

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