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In a society where more and more emphasis is placed on an ageing population, the eradication of poverty, substance abuse, the spread of HIV/AIDS, family violence, children's services, mental health and community development, new job opportunities in community services and social work are emerging rapidly. Jobs in this field require your personal touch. Whether you're empowering members of the community to stand on their feet or assisting them through a time of grief, it's your caring abilities that count. And people like you are needed more than ever. At CTI, this course is delivered with all the academic and technical support required to help you develop the professional skills needed to ensure success in a challenging, yet gratifying, career.

Certificate III Community Services Work is a foundation course where participants will learn skills in advanced communication, group work training, community information provision and program development. They will also learn how to design and deliver programs which enhance community participation and will develop an understanding of the legal and ethical requirements for working in community services. The course is very practical and students will be encouraged to engage in community projects and pursue areas of interest during their compulsory, supervised work placement. After completing Cert III, candidates can continue with the Certificate IV which will prepare them for more independent work in a range of community services positions, in particular as case or support workers. They will then design and deliver support programs and conduct appropriate interventions to enhance the well-being of individuals and/or specific client groups both in residential and community settings. Upon successful completion of this qualification, students will gain automatic entry and credit toward the Diploma of Community Services Work.


Certificate III - Form 4 or equivalent and good English Communication Skills.

Certificate IV - Cert III in CSW or A level plus work experience or equivalent